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Advanced Vehicles

Fly, drive and race cars and planes with our sophisticated vehicle system! You can even steal cars which are driven around the map by villagers.

Social Gameplay

Create a gang for you and friends, use the party chat system for instant, private group chat across all mta servers!

Private Games

Create a private MTA game for just you and your friends to play on!

Missions & Jobs

Play various GTA inspired missions and jobs! Join public queues to play with other random players, or use private queues to play with just friends!


Own or rent your own properties in the map where you can store your items! Gang members can also buy gang houses which are shared with fellow gang members!


When wanted, cops will want to hunt you down either on foot or by following you in their cop cars! When you level up you can even play as a cop yourself!


In MTA you can level up your abilities as you use them often; this includes things such as stamina and stealth! Your overall MTA level also allows you to unlock more purchasable guns!


Choose from a list of presets or create your own custom kit! If wanted you can also set a kit to be given when you spawn!

Jetpacks & Parachutes

Jetpacks and parachutes are great, fun ways to get a good view of the beautiful map!